Basement Torture Killings Interview And Review In Zero Tolerance Magazine

Posted: April 2, 2011 in News

Basement Torture Killings have both an interview and an album review in the current issue (#040  – April/May 2011) of Zero Tolerance Magazine.  The killers Bertrand and Tarquin take interviewer John Norby into the basement, show him the tools of their trade, and allow him to escape with his life to further document their crimes…

The review heaps glowing praise upon their unspeakable acts:

“Taking their cues from the death metal classics – early Death, Cannibal Corpse etc – and chucking in a few bloody chunks of modern brutality and velocity BTK have hit upon a violently potent formula. With riffs as catchy as rusted barbed wire and solos as electrifying as the chair the members may one day face ‘The Second Cumming‘ is several steps above the average grunt, squeal and bludgeon brigade. BTK never lose sight of the value of real song writing in the pursuit of extremity and that makes these songs worthy of repeated listening. Excellently produced for maximum impact ‘The Second Cumming‘ is a sick, merciless triumph“.

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