Basement Torture Killings Review In Powerplay Magazine

Posted: April 21, 2011 in News

Yes, believe it or not, Basement Torture Killings have a superb album review in the current issue (#130) of Powerplay Magazine. Who’d have thought that these depraved killers would grace a magazine with Whitesnake’s David Coverdale on the cover?

But it seems that the love of their crimes are not limited to the extreme metal press:

“This is the debut full length release from Basement Torture Killings and from label Arcane Productions and it’s a real statement of intent from all involved. The artwork, band identities, song titles and lyrics are all neatly tied into a serial killer concept – which has been nicely executed – but the main thing is of course the music itself and that’s top notch. As with Cannibal Corpse – with whom BTK bear comparison – the songs are strong enough to stand on their own two feet, the lyrical depravity being a fun bonus rather than the only weapon in the armoury. The actual musical performances are of a very high standard as you might expect when you hear that the mysterious Bertrand, Tarquin, Professor Kennith and The Fourth Killer have previously served time with the likes of Thus Defiled, Reign Of Erebus and Fleshrot. The production has a clarity which allows the aforementioned skills to be appreciated and that stops things collapsing into an indecipherable sludge of high speed violence. Indeed none of these songs ever degenerate into exercises in pursuing extremity for its own sake. They’re all possessed of quality riffs, well thought out song structures, strong hooks (unpleasantly jagged ones of course), great Slayer-ised lead work and stylish ear catching touches. All of that adds up to an album that flies by and has you reaching for the ‘play’ button again before you’ve had time to think. A powerful slab of quality death metal with an added dash of hatchet to the head humour.”

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