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Basement Torture Killings have a feature in the Fresh Meat section of the current issue (June 2011) of Metal Hammer Magazine, where Professor Kennith lets slip some details on their equal opportunities murder policy for non-consenting adults.

The same issue also sees James Hoare review The Second Cumming:

“Hard as nails UK death metal.

There’s a sense of quintessentially English horror to BTK that calls to mind The League Of Gentlemen – a death metal perversity in knitted cardigans, tweed and Hannibal Lecter masks. If you were lucky enough to order the original self released, then you’ll remember the fingernail, lock of hair and disturbing Polaroid that came with it. It’s the sort of attention to detail that makes this band so gripping and undeniably intriguing. It doesn’t hurt, obviously, that they sound like a combination of Scream Bloody Gore era Death, Cannibal Corpse and a dash of mid era Carcass.”

Basement Torture Killings have an interview in the Choice Cuts section of the current issue (#209  – May 2011) of Terrorizer Magazine, where the band members delve into the deepest recesses of their serial killer persona’s.

The same issue also sees Mike Kemp review The Second Cumming:

” ‘The Second Cumming’ in not some tedious pronogrind workout, but rather an impressive display of gore-splattered death metal, akin to what Carcass might have sounded like if they’d ditched the medical textbooks and headed to the ‘true crime’ section of their local library. It’s satisfyingly fast and furious, full of intense grind riffage and violently retched vocals, and with a handful of frantic Slayer-esque solos thrown in along the way.”