Press Release For The Devil’s Asylum Tour

Posted: September 12, 2012 in News

Prophecy Productions have released the following statement in the run up to The Devil’s Asylum Tour:

“One of the most unusual and exciting metal tours of the last few years is foreshadowed: BETHLEHEM, SECRETS OF THE MOON, and DORDEDUH will embark on a joint concert tour of Europe.

BETHLEHEM are legend. This band was founded in 1991 and, with their album “Dark Metal,” they invented the homonymous musical sub-genre, while shaping the field of Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal with their records “Dictius Te Necare” and “S.U.i.Z.i.D.” Ever since, BETHLEHEM have been one of the primary inspirations for countless bands to follow in their wake. With a new album in tow, BETHLEHEM now will embark on the first-ever tour in the band’s history – expect some historically charged performances!

Founded in 1995, SECRETS OF THE MOON are amongst the ‘old hands’ of the German Black Metal scene. Ever since, the group is one of the more serious, most expressive, and most spiritual of their genre, giving fresh impetus to others as well. Their excellent reputation as a live act will be vindicated once more on this tour, and with the songs of their new album “Seven Bells” – co-mixed among others by Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost, Triptykon) –, they will be celebrating the darkness at the end of the tunnel more convincingly than ever.

BETHLEHEM and SECRETS OF THE MOON are going to alternate as headliners on this tour, and they’ll be supported by Romania’s DORDEDUH. This group, centred around former Negura Bunget musicians Hupogrammos and Sol Faur, will release the debut album “Dar De Duh” this year, and they are going to open up this string of concerts with their transcendental Black Metal.”

The London date is at Camden Underworld on 01 OCTOBER 2012

Tickets available from:

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